Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fun @ CMC

Hi friends, On 31st March, we've enjoyed a lot in CMC. We are having softskills class by Feroz. He told us that we would've an interactive session, since some of our classmates went for an interview at Chennai.

by Chandra kanth
Feroz told all of us to take a small piece of paper each, and asked us to write our name followed by our friends name and any activity you wish you want our friend to perform. Feroz also warned us that there is a twist in this, so, I sat beside Harish, we discussed about the situation and we wrote the activities which are easy for us both, I told Harish to assign me drawing a picture, surprisingly Harish asked me to assign him, drawing a cartoon. This was  very easy for both of us especially Harish, who won National level Gold Medal in Drawing, he received at Ravindra Bharathi, and myself I just ♥ drawing. Then after everyone finished writing the chits and Feroz collected them, after collecting Feroz told us the twist, that is the activity which we wrote for our friend to be done, it should be done by the writer him/herself. Both Harish and myself, took a long breath because we knew it coming. This result in the following, hmmmmmmmmmm

By Harish
Below are the videos of the entire action............................................

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